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Located in Sweet Home, Oregon 97386


We love Rat Terriers. As they say, nobody can have just one. My husband grew up around Rat Terriers; wanting our children to be around this great breed, we acquired our first Decker Rat Terriers in 2006. Now our grandchildren enjoy them.


Rat Terriers are intelligent, curious, lively, loving, great hunters, and quirky. They bring such joy to everyone who has one. We breed these dogs for fun and have moved away from focusing on the major registration places like UKC, ACA, APRI, CKC UKCI, NRTA, and AKC. We have been breeding long enough most of our puppies are sold word of mouth. We focus on matching up dogs we like and often keep our own pups as we retire Mothers out after 5-6 years. We believe socialization is key to a happy pup.


We typically have a couple of UKC pairings a year, but most of our puppies are non-registered and excellent farm dogs and pets. We have also been gravitating towards smaller dogs. Most of our dogs are what we consider standards now. We do still use Lil Ranchin Bullseye for our UKC Decker moms Blanca and Black Dalilah. If you have any questions, please email at


-The Pitts Family 

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