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No current puppies 

Future Blanca Reservation List Advance Deposits

Pick 1 - Jared J

Pick 2 - Pam N

Future Decker List Advance Deposits

Pick 1 - Beth B (KT)

Future Cross Reservation List Advance Deposits

Girl Pick 1 Susanne S (moved from Twix)

Girl Pick 2 - La Vierre H (moved from Twix)

Boy Pick 1 Susanne S (moved from Twix)

We don't encourage site visits. 

The mothers don't like visitors while pregnant or nursing the pups.  We can send videos.  

The motherly instinct is strong in many dogs. It isn't at all uncommon for female dogs to become fiercely protective of their wee litters, a natural reaction. This is referred to as "maternal aggression." Mother dogs direct this aggression not only at fellow dogs, but also to people once in a while.


All pick-ups will be off-site at Shea Viewpoint in Sweet Home and scheduled based off deposit order.

Email is the best way to reach me.  

I receive so many phone calls a day I can't keep up anymore with all the inquires.


Please don't PayPal my email directly. 

I prefer to send you an invoice from my PayPal LLC with details regarding the reservation. 

Thank you!

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